1. More Songs

    Samuel Locke Ward & The Garbage Boys

  3. Tropical Beasts
    Cop Bar

  4. Too Dead To Die
    Admiral Cadaver & The New Pricks

  5. Girls Dancing Through Feathered Fields

  6. In Utero

  7. BACK FROM HEAVEN-The Lame Years Vol. 12
    Samuel Locke Ward and The Garbage Boys

  8. NAMEDROPPER - The Lame Years Vol. 11

  9. Country & Western Funeral-The Lame Years Vol. 10
    Samuel Locke Ward & the Band They Could Not Hang

  10. BROWNHOUSE-The Lame Years Vol. 9

  11. Styxxx Henderson Presents: Satanic Sports Bloopers -The Lame Years Vol. 8

  12. Diamond Dog Shit- THE LAME YEARS VOL. 7

  13. In Case You Have Doubt- The Lame Years Vol. 6

  14. Garbage For Dinner - THE LAME YEARS VOL. 5
    Samuel Locke Ward & The Garbage Boys

  15. Heroin Music For Girls- THE LAME YEARS Vol. 4

  16. Major Surgery At Discount Rates-THE LAME YEARS VOL. 3


  18. 7AM New Year's Day-THE LAME YEARS VOL. 1

  19. Double Nightmare

  20. live at The Pizza Palace Of Love

  21. Just Add Tears
    Joe Jack Talcum & The Powders/ Samuel Locke Ward & The Boo Hoos

  22. Barely Regal Beagles

  23. Live In Brooklyn
    Samuel Locke Ward & The Boo Hoos

  24. From The Privilege Of The Grave
    Samuel Locke Ward + Darren Brown

  25. Where The Sick Go To Die

  26. SLW/ Toby Goodshank split 7" EP

  27. Sacrilege, Treason, Treachery & Thyme

  28. NAILED IT!

  29. Samuel Locke Ward & The Boo Hoos/ Mumford's split 7" EP
    Samuel Locke Ward & The Boo Hoos/ Mumford's

  30. We All Love Candy

  31. Golden Favorites: Where Sobriety Is King

  32. Today Is The Tomorrow You Were Worried About Yesterday

  33. Boombox By Bedside

  34. Suicide Songs

  35. First Two EPs

  36. O' What A Wonderful Day
    Miracles Of God

  37. No Refunds
    Miracles Of God

  38. Sad Times For High Hopes

  39. ...from the depths of hell
    Miracles Of God

  40. II-7" EP
    Miracles Of God

  41. KTs side of split 7" w/ Breakdance
    Kickass Tarantulas

  42. C3LVSCB
    Captain Three Leg VS Cop Bar


  44. you ARE special
    The Eggnogs


Samuel Locke Ward Iowa City, Iowa

Samuel Locke Ward is a self-made song writer, singer, multi instrumentalist, producer & performance artist. He has built one of the largest & most diverse catalogs of recorded music in the Midwest; collaborating with a wide variety of players and bands of all ages in a genre-bending style that combines sincereity with the absurd to create a sound that is undeniably catchy & unmistakably his own. ... more

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