by Samuel Locke Ward

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Big Guitar 02:08
Lie To Me 04:04
Lie to me Don’t cry for me Remove all choice Don’t set me free Cease to be Don’t plea for me Time blows through Eternity ———— Part B Set it all aflame Sharing in all pain First kid gets the cake ————— Part A Reach to me Don’t preach to me Once was blind But now I see Try for me Pry for me Feel the wrath Of Authority —————— Part B Fuckfaced at the gates Resigned to our fates You won’t see us bleed What its worth to me —————— Part C We don’t know If we’ll be saved We feel pride We feel no shame ——————- Part A Pour the whine Your mind to grind Go and wave The widows flag Fail to see The people plea Hold your tongue Take chase of thee ———————- Part B Big dog ties the rope This age Is a joke Leave the others scared You were never there ———————— Part C Who can see The forest for the trees Raise the flames Lost amongst the pain ——————— Part D Drift and wane In the sea of change All remains In the pouring rain Bluff and feign Everything same Attending our own wake
An Ill wind is blowing Grey skies hang overhead Travel this darkened trail Shadows loom up ahead Til a crack up in the sky Shines a light (down) from above clearly see now Illumination Let’s you see that That it is worse Hard times have fallen Forward keep pressing on got a hot-lead to make a sale Things could finally work out (for me) this time Til a crack in the sky up in the sky Shines a light (down) from above Yes a part in the sky Shines a light (down) from above So clearly seen Illumination Let’s you see now That it is worse To illuminate all You see that it is worse ——- Worse Yes it is worse Yes it is Worse Worse than you thought Bad as believed Now you know it’s worse Yes it worse A crack forms overhead As shards
Bad times are coming at you Tell me have you heard the news It is not good Bad times are coming at you Bad things happen to good people too It’s going to break Bad times are coming at you What you do is what makes you who you are And don’t it make you want to scream and die Bad times are coming at you There’s a bomb hanging overhead What can you do Bad times are coming at you The inevitability of doom It tends to loom
Just look at yourself You’ve hit rock bottom You couldn’t get lower if you tried You made the news You really messed up Oh how your mother cried If you could just find a way to start over Become fresh in the worlds eyes But alas You’re sucking scum at the bottom Scraping your pipe to get high Just to get by Sigh —— Give us your wretched Your weak Your drunks Give us your weary and your broke Give us your violent Your cheaters Your punks Give us your gluttons and your sloth Give us your thieves Your queers Your poor Give us your greedy and your proud You’ll come in sinners And you’ll leave winners We will teach you shame And you’ll hold us it your heart When you fuck up You need Christ in your life When you fuck up You need Christ Christ Christ Christ Christ in your life When you fuck up You need Christ ——— Give yourself up Give it all to god Give yourself up to the church Put your hands together And pray with us Pray and pray until it hurts Accept you’re a sinner And you’ve strayed from him Rejoin the sheep in the flock You may be lost But now you know the cost Someday you’ll be rewarded In the kingdom above ———— You were powerless all along No you can’t pick yourself 2x You were powerless all along until he picked you up Yes the lord picked you up
Go ahead And Kill em with kindness Kill em up Kill em up Show them the love that you have in your heart Kill em with kindness Kill em now Kill em now Give generously Til they can’t Take it no more Crush them with caring Crush em up crush em up Mash them to mush With the goodwill in your heart Choke them with charity And Blind them with brotherhood Bludgeon them goodness And Gouge them with giving Kill em with kindness Kill em up kill em up Kill em an grill em With your kindness and love
Pink Slime 00:47
What is the truth Why can’t I have it What could I handle Or mangle from it Why should we die For an agenda Were not essential We are expendable We the workers We the workers ————- Funeral for truth What is the story This a nightmare This is not glory You have been lied to You are not valued What’s your life worth Where are the profits
improv 00:51
Penance 03:33
Go far So far I’ll be with you wherever you are Behind Your mind Go there Don’t care I’ll be with you here or there Behind My eyes With you I went so far with you All across the stars No tears No fears Bravely moving on Beyond The lights Be bold Behold It’s beautiful and new Know who Speaks truth It’s you I went there with you All across the stars With you
The Dance 02:09
Spin us around Spin us for days Fill up our minds Make us feel whole United all To bring us to Spin Spin Spin us around Even when down Even when wet Fix up our minds Scattered and lost Drifting apart you see So spin Spin Spin Spin us around


written, performed and recorded by SLW

the only instrument on this album is Sam's beloved green Oscar Schmidt acoustic guitar and his voice

recorded over September and October 2020

mastered by Jon Hansen


released October 16, 2020

“ Here is my new record, it is called ...Now! 15 new songs, all home recorded by myself over the last 2 months and mastered by Jon Hansen. The only instrument on the album is my green Oscar Schmidt acoustic guitar and my voice. I released this album with a great sense of immediacy because this album is very much of this moment and meant to be listened to...now!”


all rights reserved



Samuel Locke Ward Iowa City, Iowa

Sam Locke Ward is a human trapped on the planet Earth.

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