Diamond Dog Shit- THE LAME YEARS VOL. 7

by Samuel Locke Ward

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Samuel Locke Ward- vocals, guitars, drum programming & percussion
+++ the writing & recording

Jon Hansen-bass
+++ the mixing & mastering

Grace Locke Ward- Drums # 6, 7, 8, 10
+++ the cover art

#7 in a series of 12
check back Aug 1st for another new album.
holy shit.


released June 29, 2013



all rights reserved


Samuel Locke Ward Iowa City, Iowa

Samuel Locke Ward is a self-made song writer, singer, multi instrumentalist, producer & performance artist. He has built one of the largest & most diverse catalogs of recorded music in the Midwest; collaborating with a wide variety of players and bands of all ages in a genre-bending style that combines sincereity with the absurd to create a sound that is undeniably catchy & unmistakably his own. ... more

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Track Name: Still Here & Waiting
I've been waiting around for my day to come
been waiting for you to call my name

and it's always so lame
won't learn how to beg
Track Name: Let Fall The Rain
in the eyes of those who know you
clearly stated who you are
goes a plane off in the distance
goes the girl you've loved so long
so goes it all
so let the rain
wash right over you
so goes it all
Track Name: However You Wanna Pass It Off
tell me all your secrets
secrets i will tell
so much you know about me
from my outer shell
smells like vietnam
getting hard again
i don't care about you
the lord hates a sin
tell me sweaty lies
whatever i should hear
cradle me with liquor
and shower me in beer
fall to me falter me
how i ever
how ever i want to pass it off
know a thing about us
lurching toward the end

grubbing for a friend
and i can hear your
if i shake hard enough
Track Name: Whatever Feels Good
throw peace and love out the window
it's war and hate hippie time
let's watch some sports in our sandals
the 60's dream realized
get your bean bag out let's get it on
get your frisbee out let's get it on
whatever feels good at the time

throw progressive thought out the window
it modern conformist hippie time
however you've got to make a dollar
it's hedonist scum idealized
get your bong hat out let's get it on
how about a hackey burn let's get it on
whatever feels good and gets you high
Track Name: Big Enough For Me
when you look out upon the starlight
in the distance past the moon
i'll be waiting around the edges
bigger than you once believed

big enough for me
to be a wall for you to see

when you look off in the distance
that is where we shall be free
Track Name: 2 X Up
take a fool out on a perfect day
take picture out and throw it away
i will take your hand wrapped in leather
take a freezer full and throw it out
take ..
i'll take a kiss that lasts forever
everyone has a way around you
they pick you up
but the way you hold your eyes and leave us in contempt